Massachusetts Coalition for Oral Health

The Massachusetts Coalition for Oral Health (MCOH) promotes effective community preventive measures to improve the oral health of all Massachusetts residents. Our site will be useful for consumers, students, health providers, school nurses, health advocates, policymakers, and educators working in a variety of settings.                                                            6104285774_0918dbec34_b[1] (2)

This site provides materials, resources, and tools to help you:

  • Learn more about oral health
  • Communicate oral health messages effectively to your family, clients, patients, or student
  • Design a school-based sealant program for your community
  • Know about Massachusetts’ oral health policy


White Paper on School-Based Oral Health Programs

Our White Paper on School-Based Oral Health Programs, Reaching New Heights in Health with School-Based Oral Health Programs, was printed and distributed to Massachusetts school health providers by the MA Office of Oral Health, an MCOH member.  Coalition members are hopeful that this White Paper will be useful in providing dental and non-dental health providers with the information needed to better understand new regulations, school-based oral health program models, and effective strategies for preventing tooth decay.

For more information about school-based oral health programs or for additional copies of this resource, please contact the Office of Oral Health at


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