What We Offer

Oral Health Expertise

  • Operates as an oral health “think tank.”
  • Writes policy and position papers that support oral health initiatives across the state.
  • Provides consultation to communities and organizations.
  • Acts as the “Go To” organization for up to date oral health information, resources, and recommendations on prevention, fluoridation, access, and other oral health issues.

Information Dissemination

  • Provides up to date scientific information on preventive care, fluoridation, oral health policy, legislative activity, community programs and activities, resources, and news events.
  • Publishes a one page e-newsletter with current oral health information and news.
  • Disseminates information on identified “best practices” and innovative oral health programs in Massachusetts.

Inter-association Communication and Support

  • Member organizations share their functions, projects, ideas, successes, and failures so we can learn from one another.
  • Fluoridation subcommittee at Health Care for All and other advocacy groups are invited to present and discuss ongoing work and recommendations to encourage cooperation and collaboration.
  • Outside organizations with innovative programs are invited to share at “best practices” forum.